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piq faq

this page attempts to answer any questions that might arise using piq. if you still have a question, please don't hesitate to ask using the feedback button to the left!

I drew a piq but was not signed in! how can I claim it?

no worries! nothing is lost. just sign in and click on the piq in the gallery. now you should be able to open the option menu where you have to click the claim this piq as yours!

how are the ratings calculated?

this basics are pretty simple: each view on you piq gives you 0.5 points, each comment 2, each like 5, and each piq 3 points. to be considered for the rating the comments, likes and views have to be from a registered user and not from the artist himself to prevent cheeky behaviour. in addition you get rating points for doing well in the weekly contest. the winner gets 200 points, the second 100, and the third 50 points.

moreover it's worth collaborating! you get half the points of all the piqs that were branched from your piqs. this is a recursive rule, i.e. you get a quarter of the points of all the branches from branched piqs and so on.

what can I do with the piqs on piq?

all the piqs on piq are licensed under the creative commons. that is you can use the pictures given that you credit the user creating the piq. if there is no user stated, you need to credit the piq page.

how can I contribute?

The easiest way to contribute is to draw piq and be an active member of the community. however, there are more opportunities like creating pixel art tutorials or helping other piqers by answering their questions in the forum.

who is the team behind piq?

piq was created and is maintained by Alex, Daniel, and Tom from codeus. although codeus is a company specialising in artificial intelligence we find a great pleasure in helping pixel artists around the world to express themselves.

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