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piq is a free online app for creating pixel art. It's fun, easy to use, and it's simple to get started - even if you've never made pixel art before! You'll also find:

  • an active, social community
  • a growing gallery with over 25000 free to use pictures
  • a friendly pixel art forum
  • weekly contests to win
  • over 50 achievements to earn

latest pixel art contest winner

keyword: Funfair Rides

  1. 1
    Roller Coaster
    rating: 1765
  2. 2
    Fun Fair
    rating: 1748
  3. 3
    Southall Funfair
    rating: 1732

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The future of piq

As you may have noticed, the creators of piq are no longer able to give the site the attention it deserves. However, we think piq and the community are great, and we want our users to carry on being able to enjoy the site. Better still we would love to see it continue to grow and develop.
For these reasons we have a question for you: do you (or anyone you know) have ideas and suggestions how to take piq forward?

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