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Welcome to my page!!!!!!!!!!!
Giraffes are awesome. i love Giraffes.
i like anime and manga
here is all the anime i like:

angel beats.
one piece.
soul eater.
fairy tale.
yuru yuri.
Ouran High School Host Club.
hunter x hunter

i cant think of anymore.
the mangas i like are
one piece
hunter x hunter
i am a girl and i am 12 and i live in Canada and you should not sub me.
and my dream is to get piq of the day ye ha ha ha hah but my piqs are horrible and thats why you should not sub me. and my birthday is the 8th of April just so you know 'w'. and i lovw puppys and i hate cats. and i like Steven Universe its an awesome show........
this is one of my fave piqs i drew
Luffy and the Marry

and some of my real stuff
SOPHIE - WIN_20150226_165310_4504.JPG
SOPHIE - WIN_20150309_164555_4505.JPG
you have to click on the art to see it
i hope you die


13 Feb 2015
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no prob
by thunderlolz_number_two , 19 June 2015 01:08
ty for the sub
by Tiok1, 18 June 2015 22:29
thankkks. anime is the only thing i like (well i do like 2 cartoons)
by thunderlolz_number_two , 14 June 2015 23:49
Wah cute piqs >u<
im from canada too and i love anime lol XP
you should activate your account :D
by creeperslayer098, 13 June 2015 02:42
ok i think i liked the piq
by thunderlolz_number_two , 27 May 2015 20:16
[this comment was deleted by thunderlolz_number_two ]
by thunderlolz_number_two , 27 May 2015 20:14
Question - Would you mind liking this? I'm attempting to reach 15+ likes on this piq.
It's okay if not.
by Sammichnatural, 27 May 2015 20:09
for some reason it does not work for me. i had like 4 accounts and only 1 of them activated
by thunderlolz_number_two , 15 April 2015 03:46
You need to activ. your account :)
by SupernaturalSam, 14 April 2015 20:08
no prob
by thunderlolz_number_two , 07 April 2015 18:42
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