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Just a guy who sprites things he thinks are awesome
My youtube channel:https://www.youtube.com/user/TenguBlade13/videos
Stuff about me:
-Real Name: Roman
-Age: 18
-Birthday: October 13th (Which is pretty cool considering I like Golgo 13)
-Zodiac: Libra (In reference to Uranus, God of the Skies)
-Chinese Zodiac: Rat
-Birthstone: Opal
-Eye color: Brown
-Hair color: Dark Brown
-Race: Pacific Islander/White
-Height: 6'0
-Favorite food: Sushi
-Favorite beverage: Tea
-Favorite holiday: Christmas
-Favorite candy: Shockers
-Favorite color: Azure (Obscure, yes but a beautiful color nonetheless)
-Favorite animal: Dolphin
-Favorite annual event: AnimeFest
-Favorite flower: Roses
-Favorite word: Gnarly
-Favorite number: 13 (duh)
-Favorite fruit: Apples
-Favorite restaurant: Zen Sushi
-Favorite snack: Pocky
-Favorite ramune flavor: Pineapple
-Favorite ice cream: Cookie Dough
-Favorite actor: Christopher Walken
-Favorite voice actor: Kyle Hebert
-Favorite YouTuber: JonTron
-Favorite anime: Yu Yu Hakusho, Golgo 13, Berserk, FMA Brotherhood, Death Note, Fist of the North Star, Gurren Lagann, Zone of the Enders, Fooly Cooly, Samurai Champloo, Fire Emblem, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Elfen Lied, Sengoku Basara, Dragon Ball Z, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Soul Eater, Pokemon, Green Green, Rosario + Vampire, K-ON!, Saint Seiya, Cyborg 009
-Favorite Anime Characters: Duke Togo, Yusuke Urameshi, Younger Toguro, Hiei Jaganshi, Jin the Windmaster, Guts, Skull Knight, Kamina, Viral, Ryuk, L, Goku, Gohan, Future Trunks, Sawada Tsunayoshi, Hibari Kyoya, Rokudo Mukuro, Yuki Nagato, Botan, Genkai, Yoko Littner, Lucy/Nyuu, Mizore Shirayuki
-Favorite Video Games: Mega Man, Shining Force, EarthBound, Ikaruga, Raiden, Gradius, TwinBee, RayStorm, RayForce, RayCrisis, Shatterhand, Halo, Reflex, Kamui, Zone of the Enders, Super Smash Bros., Skies of Arcadia, Xenoblade Chronicles, Marvel vs. Capcom, Samurai Shodown, Killer Instinct, Shienryu, Psyvariar, J-Stars Victory VS., WarioWare, DBZ Budokai, Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage, DDR, Oddworld, Vectorman, Shadow of the Ninja, Vice: Project Doom, Warriors, Orochi, Under Night In-Birth, Persona 4 Arena, Top Gear
-Favorite Piq Artists: Strider, LordVoldemort, Lelouch-Lamperouge, Kairi Lon, icekirby, tengublade (lol)
A little about me:
Hello! My name is Roman! But you can call me tengublade. I love spriting/drawing piqs and I love meeting new people! As you can see, I heavily base my pictures off of various Mega Man and anime artwork. If you ever have a request for me to sprite an anime character or Mega Man character, just give me a shout! I'm very friendly and gentle. It makes me happy when I get complimented or I compliment other people. Overall, I'm a fun-loving, heartfelt individual so don't be afraid to show some emotions around me xD
On a random note:
Tengu Man Custompng_3114.png
Here's something I was going to upload but couldn't. Took a while to make.


07 Apr 2013
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I don't have any in mind right now but I might later on.
by tengublade, 01 July 2015 04:03
got a request? my fav youtuber is jontron too I made him as a sprite
by boulder_bill101, 30 June 2015 22:18
I made mm4
by boulder_bill101, 17 May 2015 20:54
[this comment was deleted by tengublade]
by Pikalink5, 17 March 2015 02:11
[this comment was deleted by tengublade]
by Phantom BB, 16 March 2015 23:43
[this comment was deleted by tengublade]
by Pikalink5, 16 March 2015 16:25
He looks like one of the more complicated ones in comparison to your other piqs.
by tengublade, 31 December 2014 18:06
bass was hard to make.
by boulder_bill101, 31 December 2014 18:05
Lol don't worry. I got him and the others (Proto and Bass)
by tengublade, 31 December 2014 18:04
I see you liked my megaman 1 sprites but I made cutman way before I made all the others so he's just down by the beginning.
by boulder_bill101, 31 December 2014 18:02
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