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I am a 100% "Human" (Homo Sapien).
I have an organic meat suit just like you. I enjoy energetic physical activities with my "acquaintances".
It is a pleasure communicating with you on this digital social media platform.


04 Jun 2014
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I'm flattered.
by squidtastic, 27 February 2017 18:25
I fricken miss your good art X(
by 10Ggames, 27 February 2017 17:14
I am lurking in the shadows of piq.
Unseen, but always present.
by squidtastic, 17 January 2017 23:38
Where have you gone squidboi
by Moox, 17 January 2017 20:26
Oh, thank you.
by squidtastic, 15 August 2016 23:39
Other than Caleb, you are the best "piqer' of all time.
by Shippie2, 11 August 2016 18:05
Hello can you support the piq Reddit? In recent times, piq has become a harder medium to communicate on. Many accounts have abandoned the website because of this. Using the piq.codeus Reddit could counteract these effects and even help the site grow! If you care about piq and are willing to our cause, please join the piq Reddit.
by XSupportPiqReddit, 09 August 2016 19:08
by squidtastic, 04 May 2016 02:02
squidstatic = alive??

by AoiUchida, 03 May 2016 00:59
by squidtastic, 25 February 2016 15:58
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fiddlestixyo: i hope you all have a wonderful cosy rest always :)
23 March 08:48:31
asgaseqwew signed up to piq
23 March 02:23:15
someone drew ,
23 March 02:01:45
23 March 01:13:44
SomeRandomPigeon: aight, imma hit the hay, kay? gnight peeps! \( ' w ' )
23 March 00:58:41
SomeRandomPigeon: ( :O) squidward? GASP lol
23 March 00:44:20
23 March 00:41:09
23 March 00:08:15
Lemmino Pixel: you got it
23 March 00:06:09
Lemmino Pixel branched from ,
23 March 00:04:05
SomeRandomPigeon: (or maybe sumthin like piccolo or some other random tv character)
22 March 23:53:55
SomeRandomPigeon: oh...hmm... idc... do what ever floats your boat...to your heart's desire...tickles your fancy...
22 March 23:52:48
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