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Hello, I'm SiChiu and I likes pixels me. I likes making things pretty with pixels in 100x100px square formats.
Hope you also likes my stuff too - happy viewing, bye! ^^ http://theartofsichiu.com


01 Aug 2011
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Amazing work
by Strider, 19 March 2014 18:01
Thanks yman77
by sichiu, 28 February 2013 10:18
ur pics r awsome!!!!
by yman77, 21 February 2013 20:56
[this comment was deleted]
by sichiu, 20 April 2012 10:46
Whats up with you ?
by pixelfish, 16 April 2012 06:42
OH thanks ;)
by pixelfish, 18 March 2012 08:18
Ah, just been super busy. I also cycle through all my hobbies periodically so I was back into video games for a while, but now I'm bored of my games and back into art. How have you been?
by voodoomoocow, 17 March 2012 23:23
Oh, are you able to subscribe to mine or not? I guess you'll just receive notification every time I draw something.
by sichiu, 17 March 2012 18:02
Because I would like to sub. for you
by pixelfish, 17 March 2012 15:09
by sichiu, 17 March 2012 14:11
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