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princess celestialess

hello my real name is celestialess i just added the princess so it could be like mlp.i am 15 years old and i am a big fan of mlp i love drawing them my fav pony is rainbow dash and fav princess is luna i am just learning to do pixle art i really like every ones art its amazing please sub me and i will sub you and if you were wondering my brithday is on april 1st ans i was born in 1999 and my whole name is celestialess kimberly vicoriam and my nicname is cely kim and josie dont know were that came from and i have two lastnames my perants arent together but my other one is kanykaleayey!goodbye hope you like my art!


15 Mar 2014
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oh i dont know my own password because my made it for me so i might have to call her because she and my dad arent together and i live with me dad but i will ask
by princess celestialess, 04 April 2014 20:47
She means on the email. You can't have a rating till you do. So it remains at 0
by CjTheDragonWolf, 02 April 2014 21:07
i have
by princess celestialess, 02 April 2014 21:00
You should activate your account...
by LJeljay, 02 April 2014 01:24
thanks for the sub
by FurryRaver4life, 29 March 2014 01:22
i cant really if its removed
by princess celestialess, 27 March 2014 20:57
by LJeljay, 26 March 2014 02:47
yay now i have my oc as my profile picture
by princess celestialess, 22 March 2014 16:45
please sub me and i will sub you !
by princess celestialess, 22 March 2014 16:22
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