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Two people share this file: my brother and me. (You can usually tell who drew what.)

That's my old description and I'm keeping it because nostalgia. Please talk to me again! I might not be on much, but I would love to hear from you guys!


19 Dec 2011
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Yeah that's basically what I'm doing. Just checking everything occasionally and all that
by pixelover, 14 March 2014 01:18
haha same im just hanging around here not drawing much
by MrBrowns, 14 March 2014 01:14
Oh I am good thanks! I haven't been on in a while and everything is so different but nothing much has changed and it's all weird
by pixelover, 11 March 2014 21:26
Yeah how are you?
by MrBrowns, 11 March 2014 04:39
by pixelover, 08 March 2014 21:34
by MrBrowns, 08 March 2014 20:47
LOL No my name isnt Sophia. Thanks for liking my piq of N. Your drawings are awesome!
by saffy42, 04 January 2013 00:10
hmm ive been away far too long.
by pixelover, 22 December 2012 19:46
We have a chat room please joinhttp://piq.codeus.net/forum/thread/217
by Quinoas, 12 December 2012 14:30
also. that was me.
by pixelover, 19 October 2012 19:41
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22 September 21:18:03
Suicu: It may have been updating, but I thought it was just my computer but it wasn't.
22 September 21:15:02
22 September 21:14:53
Suicu: I have no idea.
22 September 21:14:38
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22 September 21:14:30
djcooler50: why was piq down for a while
22 September 21:14:03
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22 September 21:13:24
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22 September 21:11:59
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DEAD-PIXEL: http://pyx-2.socialgamer.net/game.jsp#game=26 COME PLAY CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY WITH US! pass: dump
22 September 21:06:56
ArtRager drew
22 September 21:06:01
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