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29 Nov 2013
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by Kni, 16 February 2016 00:57
[this comment was deleted by pixelartist98]
by pixelartist98, 13 February 2016 20:07
Thank you :D

I didn't think it was THAT great but I appreciate the compliment!
by pixelartist98, 13 February 2016 20:07
jaw drop* saw your song... you keep doing that and you become famous YOUR EPIC
by FTW_5000, 13 February 2016 18:44

can you and Rebirth stop posting in the shoutbox?

I know that's what it's for, but prolonged shouting makes my computer lag, and makes piq (on my side, at least) crash.
by Kodex1, 13 February 2016 18:42
It sounds amazing.

And I'm not sure if its just me, but I think I heard the Galaga theme near the middle.

No not the Galaga theme actually, more like that theme from SSB that I can't think of atm. ;-;
by dafunkyemo, 20 January 2016 03:35
by pixelartist98, 20 January 2016 03:21
Oh. xDD

Sorry. xDD

Was it supposed to be like what I had said? xDD
by dafunkyemo, 20 January 2016 03:18
Thanks, man ;D
but you weren't supposed to see it yet! I was making some adjustments and stuff ;-;... oh well XD
by pixelartist98, 20 January 2016 03:12
Dude, fuckin, that sounded amazing. xDD

I'm not good with constructive criticism. xDD

oddly enough though, it sounded like a them that would be in Super Mario Bros 3, only not bit-crushed.
by dafunkyemo, 19 January 2016 23:11
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