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I love anime
I like drawing on my wacom tablet online. That is how I came across this website.
When I draw I feel calm and relax.
Drawing may be my hobbie one day.
If I could have an art studio for manga fans I would LOVE IT!!!
This website helped me in developing in my art style.
If anyone wantssome suggestions on how to start drawing manga characters and basic figures please comment below.
I would also love to hear suggestions from you guys as well.
It would be fun to hear others advise and take it into consideration for future drawings.
Again I would love to hear your comments on my art and I can give suggestions on yours if wanted. :)


21 Sep 2015
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by love, 03 February 2016 13:35
Thanks a lot!!!!
by love, 03 February 2016 13:35
I LOVE YOUR ART!!! Here is a sub.
by loulou, 02 February 2016 00:43
Thanks so much for subscribing!
by love, 01 February 2016 23:54
you are so good!
heres a sub!
by ginny2670, 06 January 2016 01:43
heres a sub
by TERRARIAN ARTIST , 05 January 2016 23:28
Sure no problem
by love, 10 December 2015 12:21
Thanks for sub!
by rosefirefly, 08 December 2015 20:44
Thanks that would be awesome, text me when you draw it.
by love, 01 December 2015 12:53
i will probably make a chibi for ya ^^
by DieMango, 17 October 2015 20:59
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