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...Um, how Should i start it....
I am liyi
I like drawing
I like anime
I am Primary 5 now.
I am already 11. yay!
I rather spend my time drawing than studying...Shhhhh don't tell my mom!
see ya~


11 Oct 2013
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by liyi, 02 January 2014 06:17
hello wanna be friends
by totes broney, 01 January 2014 10:33
by liyi, 01 January 2014 09:48
some episodes are dubbed
by pink belly, 01 January 2014 05:39
Thanks. Is it English dubbed?
by liyi, 18 December 2013 05:50
watch one piece and soul eater there cool animes
by pink belly, 18 December 2013 04:52
cool drawings ,I'm 9 :3
by pink belly, 18 December 2013 04:49
When you first made this account you had to choose a username and password. Thats what you use to log in. But you also had to have an email account. Go to the email account you used and go all the way back to the date that you joined PIQ and you should see an email telling you to confirm. Click that email and the link within the email
by dmirmer0902, 11 December 2013 13:37
Still dont get it...
by liyi, 11 December 2013 11:45
Go to the email you registered with :P
by dmirmer0902, 11 December 2013 10:56
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TheIronworks: Lemmino crap talking everything won't help anything at all so please quit wasting your time
23 March 19:25:59
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Lemmino Pixel: Really wish you could like again
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23 March 17:14:27
23 March 17:14:04
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