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i'm almost 12 years old and i'm an Artist a Real one Who paints beautiful things in real life This is kind of my hobby to do pixel art
omg i acsle made a new user and i cant go in god damt


11 Nov 2011
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... you make a second account by logging out and re-doing the process like you did the first but with a different e-mail...
by wolfgirl456, 03 December 2011 20:39
Thanks For Subscire! :D
Oh.. I Forget to Subscribe you with this account :D!
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by 8-bitZuiu1, 03 December 2011 15:34
Okay so just the letters Le choice your style that you want and that's it no more
by leon, 27 November 2011 17:51
Yeah, but it's your logo. :/
by CaveRobot, 27 November 2011 17:37
Think of what you want to do and just do it I do not control you, you control yourself
I'm not your boss you are the boss of yourself
by leon, 27 November 2011 17:20
i could make a logo for you just as caverobot said, so what do you want it to look like?
by wolfgirl456, 27 November 2011 17:08
What would you like the theme to be?
by CaveRobot, 27 November 2011 17:05
I can make a logo for you! :D
by CaveRobot, 27 November 2011 16:15
thx for the sub :))
by 8-bit Creator, 21 November 2011 19:39
[this comment was deleted]
by 8-bit Creator, 21 November 2011 19:39
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