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I like music and art. I write my own music for fun and I'm always so lonely and bored. No body is nice to me . The people on here are the only ones nice to me.
My most commonn mood: Depressed
Full name: Lavanna Myers
Birthday:September 20
Status:taken by Moox jr.
Mood: Glad
Motives: other people
Favorite movies: Hunger games and Maze Runner
Favorite class: Gym
26 on piq
5 in person
Animals that scare me : FROGS
I like anything but FROGS.
I love to play videogames at my friends house.
I like to runaway from the water at the beach.
I also love school
I am a muslim
I love sports
I am an outdoosy person


07 Dec 2015
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ive always wanted to be, but never though i was good
by Lord PickleDill, 07 February 2016 15:03
also thank you for saying im a good drawer
by Lord PickleDill, 07 February 2016 15:03
hi im back
by Lord PickleDill, 07 February 2016 15:02
i love you baby
by moox jr , 13 January 2016 15:27
np :)
by jumpingjolly, 07 January 2016 16:47
Thanks for the sub! I appreciate it.
by NascarDude123, 07 January 2016 16:17
by jumpingjolly, 06 January 2016 12:23
thanks for subbing
by creeperslayer098, 05 January 2016 22:28
OKEY and thnx babe
by jumpingjolly, 05 January 2016 20:50
night as the sky i have your ip address in hand apologize or i will launch a ddos attach on your device tht will fuck up your rom
by moox jr , 05 January 2016 19:47
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