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I like to comment on random conversations


25 Jun 2015
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is jamkitty gone too?
by Pandacake, 27 September 2017 18:56
by jamkitty4, 22 May 2017 23:16
I like to comment on random conversations as well.
by lunageek520, 22 May 2017 18:43
sorry but I'm not taking requests at the moment
by jamkitty4, 20 March 2017 13:37
hi can u make a pic of me
by solarzocharm, 20 March 2017 11:44
Kay then I shall not forget him and also if you want you can adopt blue tear back since we all know that you still secretly love your old ocs
by jamkitty4, 23 February 2017 03:10
Hey jammy (even tho u r on vacation)

just to let you not forget

dont forget bluetear

remember you adopted him and he loves to be loved!!

by Shawsnow101, 23 February 2017 02:52
your welcome
by jamkitty4, 11 February 2017 20:14
Thanks for the subscribe QQ
by UN1Q3, 11 February 2017 20:11
kay kay
by jamkitty4, 09 February 2017 04:14
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Lemmino Pixel branched from
24 March 02:28:38
24 March 02:28:37
akbarmaulana, yujhtyj all signed up to piq
24 March 02:23:29
Lemmino Pixel: Are you pansies done? Did I make my point across?
24 March 01:54:45
Lemmino Pixel: Just move the fuck on with your life and enjoy.
24 March 01:46:03
Lemmino Pixel: Shit, maybe it takes a pessimist for an optimal situation.
24 March 01:45:41
Lemmino Pixel: Thinking that everything will be okay.
24 March 01:44:55
Lemmino Pixel: Because they say shit that doesn't make sense and is based off of pure la-di-da feelings
24 March 01:43:53
Lemmino Pixel: People who try to slander me are people who've never been through a gruesome situation
24 March 01:42:08
Shikayeeeey drew ,
24 March 01:40:29
Lemmino Pixel: And there are people who are weak, and in denial thinking that they might get help, and die.
24 March 01:39:48
Lemmino Pixel: There are people who are weak and know that they KNOW that they're not getting help and survived
24 March 01:39:03
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