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i like halo, call of duty,and minecraft.my real name is melanie and im 13. i get bored alot and that is how i make piqs. i have three cats and three dogs and i like music and art. i love to ride on 4 wheeler, go hunting, and get online. i also love to play video games :D my favorite song is little bad girl by David guetta i also like the songs crank it up by David guetta, radioactive by imagine dragons, dum dum by baueer, harlem shake by baueer,and some other songs.. :) i am german, irish, black foot indian and i grew up in germany and then moved to florida.


10 Jun 2013
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Thanks for the compliment... also I think your piqs are really interesting :D
by ArcticLightning, 16 June 2013 04:46
Thanks for subbing
by ryph, 14 June 2013 01:15
There ya go. sorry for it being so sucky my creativity and imagination just took an unpaid vacation to pencil art today instead of pixel art. (don't ask. im very bored and tired)
by FurryRaver4life, 13 June 2013 05:53
Alright. Sorry about that. Thank you.
by FurryRaver4life, 13 June 2013 03:02
Sorry, even if you didn't know it's still to much like someone else's pony. I don't want confusion if the person saw my art. It would be on my behind
by FurryRaver4life, 13 June 2013 02:28
is this an OC of yours? If not I cant do it. reason I am asking I because I saw a pony on Deviantart that looked JUST like how your describing...
by FurryRaver4life, 13 June 2013 02:13
Ty dude (:
by Gumema, 13 June 2013 01:38
alright. ill get to it
by FurryRaver4life, 13 June 2013 00:43
sorry it took so long to reply. my computer has trouble loading this website sometimes. ok so, long curly hair, female, yellows and blues. so if i am understanding this right, shes a Pegasus, you want her laying down, and her cutie mark is a tear drop? sorry im just a little confused
by FurryRaver4life, 12 June 2013 04:41
Is this pony a pegasi, unicorn, earth pony, seapony alicorn or changling?
by piqpony, 12 June 2013 03:57
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