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I'm a teenage girl who lives in Northeastern USA and really enjoys making all kinds of art.


23 May 2012
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Aw thanks :o
I will try cx
by hdmwolf, 10 October 2015 13:12
Your art is sooooo cute X33333
Keep up the good work :DD
by Popcornforme8000, 10 October 2015 03:09
Thank you! Also thanks for the sub uvu
by hdmwolf, 10 October 2015 00:12
Welcome Back~!
by Kairi Lon, 10 October 2015 00:00
Aw thanks! I keep kind of a low profile in the community xD
by hdmwolf, 29 September 2015 15:55
Oh wow how have I never subscribed to you
Your art is amazing !!
by Suicu, 29 September 2015 15:51
Thank you! I'm currently entering a few icon contests, but if I find the time next week I'd love to do it c:
by hdmwolf, 03 August 2014 12:03
I really like your art :o If you could, would you mind drawing my character Rainy Hearts in 50x50 for my deviant art profile? I'd give you credit and everything, it'd be really cool if you would <3 thanks!
by gummibearzrule, 01 August 2014 23:52
No problem, coolgirl is right, you should be more well known on here ^u^
by wolfgirl456, 28 July 2014 19:29
Amg thank you! ;o;
You're very sweet to say something like that <3
by hdmwolf, 19 July 2014 22:35
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