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Jacob Levi Dyck
15 Years Old
Grade 11


04 May 2011
25004 (#19)






总数: 25004

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you've drawn your first piq! you've had 250 overall views on your piqs you've had 1000 overall views on your piqs you've had 2500 overall views on your piqs you've drawn a piq every day for 5 days you've made 10 comments your pictures received 15 comments (other than your own) in total you've drawn a piq every day for 10 days you've made 25 comments you've made 50 comments your pictures received 30 comments (other than your own) in total one of your pictures received 5 comments (other than your own) one of your pictures received 15 comments (other than your own) your pictures received 100 comments (other than your own) in total you've received 100 likes in total you placed 3rd you've had 1 piqs of the day you've drawn 3 piqs within 24 hours each with at least 3 likes you've drawn a piq with 10 likes you placed 1st you've received 250 likes in total you placed 2nd you've got medals in 2 competitions in a row you've won two trophies in one contest one of your pictures received 35 comments (other than your own) you've had 5 piqs of the day you've got 5 medals in total you've had 10 piqs of the day you've received 500 likes in total you've drawn a piq with 25 likes you've drawn a piq in less than 5 minutes and received more than  10 likes

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Don't think I've said anything to you...hi...

(Nice Art)
Strider, 06 September 2014 05:49
XD yeah i know i really dont care he just started it so im competitive XD and want to fight back XD
LordVoldemort, 31 August 2014 05:08
it's only a number, it doesn't mean anything c;
darklord, 31 August 2014 05:07
:( 9m trying to keep my 17th place and as you can see in the feed im losing cuz he has jassy who is liking every piq of his to get him ahead of me :(
LordVoldemort, 31 August 2014 05:05
If it's good I will like it, but it's no fair to spam for attention.
darklord, 31 August 2014 05:04
;( i do do orignal art i do make some from re but most i draw wiht out one! :(
LordVoldemort, 31 August 2014 05:03
I don't care about piqs that are bad, draw original pixel art- like you're supposed to, and we'll see
darklord, 31 August 2014 05:01
hi there im in a war and i need som likes on my piqs
could you like my piqs
and ill like your cuz there are awsoem XD
and ill give you a request and a sub !
please help!
LordVoldemort, 31 August 2014 04:46
Yeah, ^.^
darklord, 15 August 2014 18:19
your right, the good thing about art is that if your great enough at it now, that skill stays with you for a long time. My dad was awesome at art as a kid, he barely draws now but when he does draw he's really good.
TotallyTotaled, 12 August 2014 01:41
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