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Lonely and hungry.


04 May 2011
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Yeah, ^.^
by darklord, 15 August 2014 18:19
your right, the good thing about art is that if your great enough at it now, that skill stays with you for a long time. My dad was awesome at art as a kid, he barely draws now but when he does draw he's really good.
by TotallyTotaled, 12 August 2014 01:41
Yeah, I try to practise all kinda of art as much as I can... but it's not worth if you're not doing it for fun c:
by darklord, 12 August 2014 01:30
hmmmm, I used to draw all the time, but I noticed that when I made the new piq account I don't draw on paper anymore.

I bet I'll have more time to draw in between classes in grade nine this year
by TotallyTotaled, 10 August 2014 22:22
Yeah man, I remember during lunch break in grade 7 I would go to the computer lab and draw... Now I'm in grade 11 and there's less time for that :^/
by darklord, 10 August 2014 22:07
you've been on piq for a long time, you were online before my last account.
by TotallyTotaled, 01 August 2014 15:55
It's okay, sorry, you're welcome, thank you.
by darklord, 08 July 2014 08:27
sorry to bother but your welcome message was a bit late =). I like your art tho =)
by mindude007, 30 June 2014 13:01
Yes! I will draw more soon :)
by darklord, 29 March 2014 04:27
I have subscribed to you and I cant wait to see more of your work.
by Tamashii_Akuma, 27 March 2014 22:10
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