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Hey, Hey, Hey...Ima show you guys my writin' skills...Europe, Italy, Castel Sant’Angelo, May 18th, 1458
I see him...Machresto Porlvialle. Him and 20 others are left in his 100 man squadron, yet, they’re slaughtering MY men left and right. “I must stop this right here, right now” I think to myself as I run across the beautiful green lawn of Castel Sant'Angelo, the green now stained crimson with the blood of mine and his warriors. “MACHRESTO!!!! Surrender your weapon, and we won’t have to make this worse!!” I yell from about 3o feet away. “HA!! You think I’LL listen to YOU, you pesky brat? You call yourself an assassin? You should just settle for killer, disgrace, an annoyance to everyone. You and your cause is just a streak of darkness in the light we’ve created, and I WON’T LET YOU RUIN THAT!!!!!” He screams it so loud, I bet people 50 yards away could hear. “This is gonna be fun” I say to myself as I smirk and narrow my eyes. Swords clash, guns fire, blood is shed. That’s all I can see on either side of me. I close my eyes and scream as I thrust my sword toward his body. That’s when I feel it...A sharp pain in stomach. I look down and there’s his sword, through my abdomen. “Ha, you thought you were ACTUAllY good...You’re weak, unworthy, and it was fun spending time with you...but now...I must go, sooo, bye bye now.” I thought these were going to be my last words until I felt a ting of pain in my head “You can take my heart, you can take my breath, when you PRY IT FROM MY COLD, DEAD, SHIT!!!!!” I scream as I thrust my blade through his skull. I checked around the sword that was still in my abdomen. “That’s gonna leave a mark...I could use a band-aid. Or superglue. How about both?” I say to my men as I walk into the Castel Sant’ Angelo to see it’s doctor. “How about you boys clean up the mess we made!” I yell as I go behind closed doors. The yell “SURE THING, ESTUARIAL!”
United States, Florida, April 21st, 2002
“Come on! We have to go! NOW!!!” She yells at me. Her name is Brooklyn Sachiolla. She’s 5’ 6”, with beautiful, long, blonde hair. She’s 18...Like me. I met her when I was 4. We started dating when we were at least 9. We’ve been together since. She works for this company called Ashintech. Turns out, I was kidnapped by this company based on my background. I’m a descendant of the 15th Century assassin Estuarial Bortana. Her blood runs through my mother’s veins. “Come on...Please Jack...We NEED to go NOW!!!!” She pleads with me again. “Why not, I’ve got nothing better to do”. She walks over to a sealed golden door, with a Mahogany HellHound and Dragon holding two halves of a shield, which is made up of obsidian and engraved with Concordia, Integritas, and Industria. Those three words mean Unity, Integrity and Diligence. “I need you to use your Eagle Vision on the keypad because they changed the password” “Alright, Here goes nothing” I say as I look at the 4 highlighted numbers. 5, 1, 4 and 8. “Fourteen Fifty Eight” I say as the keypad chimes 3 times, signaling that it’s open. The doors slide open as guards with AK’s burst into the room we just left. We’re about to close and lock the doors when I hear a faint “chink”. “GET DOWN!!!” I yell as I tackle Brook to the floor. The grenade flew past us and exploded. The wood that the room is made out of starts to catch fire. “SHIT!!!” I yell. “What’s wrong honey” She says...obviously still dazed from the explosion. “An incendiary grenade. We need to get out of here...AND FAST!!!” I’m just running on full steam, gaskets bound to blow when she says. “I’ve got the problem solved...I think?” C4!!!IS SHE NUTS!!!!IS SHE TRYING TO KILL US BOTH!!!! “What are you thinking Brook!?” “What? You said we need to get out of here and here’s the solution” She says cheerfully as if the plastic would never explode if handled incorrectly. I sigh. “Kk. Go ahead. Just don’t kill us, ok?” She rolls her eyes. “Hon, you know I’m good with this stuff” She winks at me and throws the block of C4 at a wall and “Oh...My...God!?” “What’s wrong???Oh, this?Right here?” She points at a blast hole in the wall. “Yeah, What the hell is it?”
“It’s a titanium blast door, secured by Grade A Steel laced into it and the best locks.”
“Well, what are you waiting we for? Let’s go have some fun” I say as I narrow my eyes and type in the punch code. The door opens into an expanse of room with only a gred button on the wall. She hits the button and the door closes, then mechanical arms depart from their berths with tables, chairs, computers, protective gear, guns and...yeah, I think you get the jist. “Holy...SHIT!! HAHAHAHA!!I love this room like I do you Brook”
You guys like? if so, tell on a pic or on my shouts You're all so cool!!!


10 Sep 2014
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In the story, I meant red not gred
by creeperblewup, 13 December 2016 16:50
no problem, luv your drawings,like mine if you luv some of them.
by creeperblewup, 12 January 2016 18:56
thanks for the sub mang
by Kni, 12 January 2016 18:32
[this comment was deleted by creeperblewup]
by creeperblewup, 25 September 2014 14:15
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