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Hi! I'm corrot, a 15 year old gal, and I'm just trying out pixel art for the first time. Nice to meet you.
For the most part I just draw people, and I do enjoy collaborations. I have recently been absent from the site but I will try my best to post some more!


28 Feb 2012
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u so pro at pixel art
by Tiok1, 27 June 2015 00:38
Are you still active ?
by Jankovic123, 01 September 2014 13:32
by Zacharias, 01 January 2013 07:43
Hey Corrot, I find your light/shadow effects very interesting. Keep up the good work!
by joseki, 17 December 2012 21:39
I love your work...
by Zacharias, 23 October 2012 17:44
OOPS I DISAPPEARED haha... I'll draw something soon :c
by corrot, 04 May 2012 06:15
did you draw that image removed piq?
by Jz_Bunnies, 14 April 2012 15:07
Hey! Thanks for the contest suggestion - I've gone with your idea of tools and machines this week :)
by Tom, 30 March 2012 20:24
yeah no probs. I mean you have some really amazing stuff
by is33, 21 March 2012 16:55
[this comment was deleted]
by Some elixir, 16 March 2012 22:07
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