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Hey guys, I'm carlucci987. Here's some stuff about me:
Colour: Blue
Game: Legend of Zelda Saga
Animal: Crab
Pixel artist: Rosefirefly
TV show: My Little Pony
MLP Pony: Fluttershy
I can't think of anything else, you can just ask me and I'll put it
up here.
Physical features and personal info:
Name: David
Age: 13
B-day: Dec 27
Hair colour: Dirty blonde with blonde tips
Eye colour: Blue
Skin tone: Pale, very pale
Sexuality: Demisexual
Romantic status: Panromantic
Relationship status: Taken (By rosefirefly)
Strange facts: I have been diagnosed with ASPD (Antisocial Personality Disorder) and MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder).
I am a very nice person and if you need any help or anything then feel free to talk to me.
If you all want any requests for pixel art, just ask me. If you subscribe then I will subscribe back. Anything you wanna know then just ask me.
Name: Rift (Used to be Shift)
Age 19
Species: Human/Wizard
Bio: As a child, he was cared for as much as his parents could love him. His family was the richest in the country, until the great scam of 2004. After that, they had no food, no house, no anything except the clothes on their backs. One day, they were laying beside a tree in city square park when a man by the name of Jack, or TA, came and started to talk to Rift. This man talked to him about great powers and other dimensions. He said that this could be his home. So Rift agreed and Jack swept him away to these great lands. Once there, he brought Rift to the Demon lord, where he granted Rift a wish, a wish of great power. As the power surrounded him, he could feel himself getting stronger, until he felt he would burst with magic. He blacked out and when he awoke, he was back inder that oak tree with his family. Since then, he and his family have traveled the many dimensions out there, helping the people that cannot help themselves.
Description: Wears a blue baseball hat with a jay on it, has long black hair, dark blue eyes, a black jacket over a black and red plaid shirt, black jeans, and above ankle boots.
Name: T.J.
Age: 19
Bio: His name is T.J. and he became an orphan when he was 12. His parents died after his mentally ill aunt burned down their house leaving only him and his sister.
Description: He wears a maroon suit, he is very skinny, and he wears a black top hat with a dark purple ribbon around it.
Name: Kingu Kani
Bio: Look at the first piq of him.
Age: 15
Description: A crab/human hybrid. One eye is grey and the other is white, he is blind in the white eye. He is as pale as me, maybe paler, mostly because he stays in the deep ocean alot. He has a crab shell with no legs on his back that wraps around his chest and torso. He wears swimming trunks that look like blue jeans. His white may be blind, but it has developed to glow in the dark which lets him read.
Likes: Cold, reading, blue, Kyuki, swimming, and coral.
Dislikes: Annoying people, bullies, and other people that are not his friends.
Name: Orna Min
Age: 16
Description: Orna has long, wavy blonde hair with black tips. She wears a white t-shirt and a long black skirt. She is mostly in her dolphin form. She has blue eyes and tan skin
Bio: Her name is Orna. She is a very lonely girl. Not many people want to be around her because she can be a bit crazy at times. When she was a child, her mother killed her father and went after her, but her older brother got home in time to save her. When she went to live with her uncle a man kidnapped her and started doing genetic expiriments on her. The kidnapper started to mix DNA from other animals together and mixing it with hers. She ended up being able to shapeshift. After she was let go she started traveling around the world with her new powers and settled down by the Arctic Ocean.
Likes: Cold, flying, nature, swimming, and hunting.
Dislikes: Criminals.
Name: Zeron
Age: She is a demigod and her age cannot be determined.
Bio: Her mother and father are gods that abandoned her as a baby. She was raised by a human family even though she was a demigod. When she was 18, her human parents let her free where she roamed the world and learned how to use her powers for good.
Description: She is 3/4 shadow. She has a blackish grey skin tone and a blue halo when in shadow form, and has normal eagle colours except for a blue stripe down the center of her back. She has the abilty to go between human and eagle form. She is also Delta's best friend.
Name: Qaura
Age: Unknown
Species: Shadow species
Bio: Quara is the younger sister to Zeron even though she was always the one that had to take jobs and take care of the family. When she was younger, she dreamed of traveling through space and discovering intelligent life and now has discovered 9 different alien species.
Description: She has a white ski colour and a grey stripe on her back. She has bright eyes with cat-like pupils and that change with her mood and a halo that also changes with her mood.
Name: Shylot
Cutie Mark: Blue Jay
Bio: All info is on the first piq of him.
Physical Features: Pegasus, sky blue body, navy blue hair, hair goes down to shoulders, and his front left leg is broken from where his father used to beat him.
Likes: Nature, animals, Brownie, and flying.
Dislikes: Bullies, crowds, litterers, and people that hurt nature.
Name: Queen Shavon III of Ornitera
Age: 27
Bio: Shavon was born in Kiran, Ornitera on December 14, 1987. Her father is King Seamus IV and her mother is Queen Sheenagh II. When she was 5, she was taken away to a training camp to learn how to rule a country. As she grew up at the camp, she made very few friends. When she was 18, she was brought back to Kiran to begin ruling over Ornitera as queen. 2 years after she became queen, there was a major war, the Orniteran Civil War, where the East side wanted to be free of Ornitera while the West side wanted the East side to stay with Ornitera for the resources. The East side won. Since them, Ornitera has been in war with the yet unamed East side causing destruction of over 30% of structures and killing over 127,700 people, civilians and military personell. Ornitera has been working on several inventions including a time machine prototype and a mini atom bomb.
Description: She has long black hair, wears a navy blue army uniform with a dark silver ulletproof chestplate, and combat boots.
Who wants to play the rate game? Just click one the link and rate me!


12 Feb 2015
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by rosefirefly, 05 December 2016 21:10
thanks for the sub!
by PunCakeXXX, 11 July 2016 14:48
i subed to you a long time ago, then my account candled so i hadto reuse again
by stop_the_pony_bullies_frost, 18 January 2016 13:41
Oh, Carlucci is a male, Italian name.
by carlucci987, 08 December 2015 23:17
i mean carlucci, not david
by TheAnomalie, 29 November 2015 16:26
yeah i just changed accounts
by Kirby98789, 29 November 2015 15:31
I know, that's why I subbed.
by carlucci987, 29 November 2015 15:30
i used to be kirbyisab055
by Kirby98789, 29 November 2015 15:07
How does it sound unisex, that's Sam, not David.
by carlucci987, 25 November 2015 20:49
:( sad face
by TheAnomalie, 25 November 2015 18:31
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