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i am dead

don't even cum here


21 Jul 2014
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are you still here
by LWH123, 24 October 2017 02:25
I need you to email me the Insect person because my computer can't load it here
by Shrektopus, 29 March 2015 23:48
Also, I need a forest under a night sky of sparkling stars
by Shrektopus, 28 March 2015 23:48
Can you send them to me at jninja2001@gmail.com
by Shrektopus, 28 March 2015 23:15
Mabe you should work on a few classes and/or some backgrounds. Oh! maybe the background for the tile screen (trees under sparkling stars)
by Shrektopus, 28 March 2015 16:01
You could change it to 10x10 or something else. Just as long as it fits and looks decent
by Shrektopus, 27 March 2015 20:53
We shall communicate via email. What is your Email?
by Shrektopus, 27 March 2015 20:25
Your first assignment is a bug/skellington hybrid with six arms, four eyes, and bug jaws. Antennae are optional. Also, they're supposed to shoot lasers from their jaws
by Shrektopus, 27 March 2015 02:14

Check out my profile for a few things I got done already. Feel free to improve them or change them
by Shrektopus, 27 March 2015 01:53
Perhaps after this version, we can release a sequels where we step it up to 16-bit. But, that's for another day
by Shrektopus, 27 March 2015 01:52
The races are:
Bear: Large, slow, strong, has a lot of health, can stomp on enemies, increased damage with blunt weapons
Human: well-balanced generic race, medium speed, fire resistance
Cat: High-jump, no fall damage, fast, medium health, can stick to walls for short time, can attack midair, magic resist
Wolf: average speed, medium attack, high/med health, earns small amount of health with melee kill, fire resistant
Rabbit: High jump(lower than cat, though), Faster than cat, increased acrobatics, can attack midair, magic resist
The classes are:
Bard: Causes random elemental damage, medium health and damage, melee damage degrades projectile damage, High attack rate, projectile is area-of-effect
Rogue: Medium health, high damage, throwing knives as projectile, high/med attack rate
Mage: Can fly for a short time, High damage, low health, no melee, medium attack rate
Warrior: high health and melee, no projectile
The subclasses are:
BARD: \/ \/ \/ \/
Dubstep: High damage, medium health, very high attack rate, the rest of the stats are similar to the bard
Classical: Low damage, high health, medium attack rate, the rest of the stats are similar to the bard
ROGUE: \/ \/ \/ \/
Ninja: High damage, suriken projectiles, low health, high attack rate, Dagger melee, infinite stamina, no fall damage, invisible to enemies for a second after seeing them
Hero: Katana melee, medium damage, Medium/high health, throwing knife projectile, halved fall damage, earn a small amount of health per kill
MAGE: \/ \/ \/ \/
Chemist: No melee, deals fire or acid damage randomly, medium/high damage, medium/low health, press melee button to deploy shield with a separate health bar, medium attack rate
Villain: Melee button is jetpack that causes fire damage to those below you, projectile is a laser pistol, medium damage, medium health, jetpack slows descent, High attack rate
WARRIOR: \/ \/ \/ \/
Barbarian: medium/low health, Very high damage, no projectile, elemental resist, High attack rate
Crusader: Medium damage, very high health, Can only use blunt weapons, heals slowly overtime, causes holy damage, medium/low attack rate
by Shrektopus, 27 March 2015 01:49
It's a pixelated RPG platforming game that has about the same open world system as Charlie Murder. It's not like Shovel Knight, It has acrobatics and controller fluency as a big part of the gameplay. You can choose your race and class, as well as a subclass and some gear. the gear doesn't show up, but it does give you stat changes like Castlevania. There are extra weapons, bosses, items, and platforming.
It's designed to be one of those games that look epic no matter how bad you are at games. There's wallrunning you can do on the background (If there's a wall), walljumping similar to Megaman ZX Advent, and grapple points where you can hang onto. If you have any questions, just ask. I'm sending you the Class/subclass/race information. You can use your imagination on some of them, just make it 8-bit and so that there are different bodies for the different races
by Shrektopus, 27 March 2015 02:00
I need people to do 8 or 16-bit sprites for a game that I'm making. Do you volunteer?
Side note: Do you know anyone that could animate those sprites
by Shrektopus, 27 March 2015 00:42
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