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hey I'm Marrow
piq veteran! been here since 2014
just a kid trying to draw nice
hmu if you wanna talk or request something
instagram: @uphillmarrow


10 Mar 2016
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hmmm, it's not really the best tip but i guess its how i draw the body is to draw everything emphasized if you're goin' for that good old cartoon look,

like if the wrists are small but the forearm is thicker even a little make that shit look like a fuggin' chicken leg y'know?

i've always really liked the idea of like an american style of anime,

but for just drawing in general i like to start of with a really thick sketch and then smooth it down especially for that banging jawline

thanks for askin'!
by Jo-Jo, 30 May 2017 20:32
omg!!!! thank you so much!! and i adore the way you join colors together and how you draw bodies sharp yet accurate could you give me some tips?
by Yoruitte, 26 May 2017 19:31
i love how you draw lips!!!!!!! very squishyy
by Jo-Jo, 25 May 2017 16:28
by superzombieman6301, 11 April 2017 15:22
The piq gods have spokennnn!!! They want to revive the siteeeee
by _Xyzzy_, 09 January 2017 23:10
Your art is so freaking Amazing!!!!!!!!! I GIVE SUB NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Pixel Guardian, 04 January 2017 16:21
Sub 4 love!
by Catgirl, 04 January 2017 15:45
ohmygosh @aimlessCardholder thank you so much i love your art its so smooth and calming and i love it and thank you for subscribing omg
by Yoruitte, 09 December 2016 20:40
Ah!! Thank you for subscribing!! (tbh i cant believe you of all people would subscribe, because my art is nowhere near your level ;u;)
by aimlessCardholder, 08 December 2016 03:52
[this comment was deleted by rosefirefly]
by rosefirefly, 03 September 2016 03:38
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