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Hello. My name is ********* and I am the creator of the the characters of the Megaverse Keepers. What is that you ask? It's a group of OCs I have made that protect the Megaverse. "But what's the Megaverse, and what does that even mean?" you might ask. Well, have you heard of a Multiverse? It's a small cluster of Universes in one branch or the Megaverse. The Megaverse is similar, but not the same. You see, the Megaverse is a ENORMOUS cluster of different Multiverses and Universes in one big, well, Megaverse! There are some such as the Undertale Multiverse, Soul Eater and Black Butler Universes, and so on. "But, those are just game/shows/animes, *********" Oh believe me when I say, They are VERY much real. Now, back to the Keepers. The Main Team, which consists of the strongest, most experienced members, has Pyra, Virisa, Blackout, and Terra Redshot. The leader of the entire group is Sonica Blushot(changed it back cuz OCD AF). She is sisters with Terra, twins actually. Soni can control the Megaverse to her will, though she has her limits. If she takes on to much energy without changing forms, she could explode to let out the energy, and cause a lot of damage in the process. That makes it to where she has to manage how much power she uses. Well, that's all the time I have for now. See Ya!
And if you did read all of this, wow. And thanks. Thank you for reading ALL of it.


14 Jan 2016
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Ok! :D
by Raton, 20 October 2016 02:01
No prob!

Also, I see you like FMA.

Nice to see someone else who likes it!
by Undertale_Fan, 18 October 2016 23:26
Thankz 4 the sub :D
by Raton, 18 October 2016 20:48
by DanTreeBow, 16 September 2016 00:39
Are any of my friends on anymore? ;-;
by Undertale_Fan, 16 September 2016 00:09
Ty for sub
by DanTreeBow, 15 August 2016 00:22
[this comment was deleted by randompiqsarecool]
by randompiqsarecool, 26 June 2016 03:17
hetalia rp?
by randompiqsarecool, 17 June 2016 01:54
by Undertale_Fan, 17 June 2016 01:47
U IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by randompiqsarecool, 17 June 2016 01:46
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