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22 Sep 2010
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overtaken this site in popularity that is.
by Jankovic123, 16 June 2017 16:47
Tom what the fuck is the point of pretending to fix the site, just close it down permantently if you want, because your work has been directly ripped off by other sites (Pixil Art), and overtaken this site, because of your negligence.
by Jankovic123, 16 June 2017 16:46
[this comment was deleted by Jankovic123]
by Jankovic123, 22 September 2016 10:13
[this comment was deleted by TotallyTotaled]
by TotallyTotaled, 28 July 2016 20:27
Hey are you around ? I have some kind of problems with the website's mails and I can't find a way to talk to you guys
by LostlookB, 23 May 2016 16:42
keep up the good work ps check me out
by Msully75, 11 March 2016 14:55
Yeah that seems like a possible solution, was thinking something along those lines too.
by Exidelo, 07 August 2015 23:33
Hey Tom, came up with a couple of things that I think you might want to consider implementing:

1. In the advanced mode, the preview image on the top left corner becomes cropped and basically useless for images that exceed 100x100; I think this could be easily fixed by simply enlarging that whole window to fit in with the 200x200 size maximum (enlarging the width to a bit more than 200 pixels).

2. Indexed palettes. Not sure if this is the correct term for what I mean, but I feel like you should have the ability to edit colours in your image that you've already painted in; so say you drew a red ball, and then you change the red in your palette to blue, the ball will then be blue too (don't know how possible it would be to add this though, considering you have tools such as the colourdrift brush that add in a bunch of colours into in the palette).
by Exidelo, 07 August 2015 15:35
Thank you! And you're welcome :] I was at work all day today, but I will definitely send you a list tomorrow. Would it be alright to send it through the feedback form, for privacy?
by Interspectralisis, 04 July 2015 05:07
i´m back!
by cesarloose, 27 April 2015 21:24
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