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"ALL SHALL REMEMBER MY LEGACY"- Said a vaguely remembered one, now somewhat forgotten...

Hmm possibly, maybe two years ago I would greet everyone with smile. Make a piq or two when I could. Though my art wasn't the best It would improve every now and then. Though everything changed when the contests stopped, people became bored and left, some who never returned...
Log 1:
Depressed, don't care. Meh It rains oranges but what about the candy clouds, and the winds that rip at my skin with ease.
Log 2:
Confused, yet unyielding. I see the path that lies ahead, it is littered with sharp rocks and covered in the blood of many. While it makes little sense to continue without protection for my feet, I must.
Log 3:
Tired, feeling desolation. It seems to be that everything is much different. Undescribable, desultory, and perfunctory is all know for now. A smile, an emotion, and fate.


26 Aug 2015
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thanks for the sub
by Sadflame, 02 February 2017 23:23
by NINJAgamer4, 17 December 2016 15:31
Indeed I do, welcome back to the barren wasteland.
by TERRARIAN ARTIST , 14 December 2016 23:57
Rember me NINJAgamer1,2,3,2904,0
by NINJAgamer4, 14 December 2016 03:14
Also just to let ya know the development is still going. I've just been working more on the story than the art as of late.
by Graham, 15 October 2016 21:20
It truly has.
by TERRARIAN ARTIST , 15 October 2016 21:17
Huh. It's been a while.
by A Legacy of Lost Heroes dev, 15 October 2016 19:57
I will.
by _Xyzzy_, 11 October 2016 02:41
Well done on that piece there sounds cool you should continue!
by TERRARIAN ARTIST , 11 October 2016 02:34
True, first I want to develop the world around her, mainly hell itself.

In this mythos demons are either demented and souless beasts or intelligent, sinful creatures. One can attain this state after a long period of existence or simply being calmed or domesticated. Hell is separated into several layers. Demons, spawn of the original Fallen Angels, live in a deathly ,barren, terrain inherited by the souls of the damned. More controlled demons created societies for themselves and are apex beings in this realm. The Fallen Angels and Risen (demons worthy of this level) have transcended into another layer in which they inhabit the world as humans. They cause tragedy, pain, sin, and suffering. However, they don't seek chaos, only vengeance or independence against their god. They live in luxury and commit heresy amongst each other for pleasure or entertainment. The last layer is the Realm of Satan. This is inhabited by Lilith and the Accuser themself. They are the ones that plague the Earth with sin and rejection. Yor rested at the lowest level, and was able to move lower into the ranks.
by _Xyzzy_, 11 October 2016 01:36
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