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I'm dead right now... I'll reincarnate after I turn 18 and have the rank of eagle in my hand.
I am a programmer.
A writer.
A wolf.
Enjoy my attempts at art.
Thanks for reading.
May the winds of fate be with you


21 May 2012
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what ARE some of the services?
by Speedysnail6, 22 February 2013 19:59
i guess. idk what to do tho
by Speedysnail6, 22 February 2013 19:42
did u get my 3mal?
by Speedysnail6, 30 January 2013 22:53
Thanks! That means a lot :D
by RainbowNarwhals, 28 January 2013 15:00
Thanks for subscribing! :D
by RainbowNarwhals, 26 January 2013 02:52
I am going to need some java stuff done in the distant future. Could you help me with that?
by Speedysnail6, 11 January 2013 21:28
Thank you so much for subscribing sir! Appreciated. <3 :)
by JustinIntal, 11 January 2013 19:20
Looks good! Good luck and keep up the good work!
by RainbowNarwhals, 11 January 2013 18:18
Your welcome! XD
by RainbowNarwhals, 11 January 2013 17:18
Your pictures are seriously epic
by RainbowNarwhals, 11 January 2013 17:16
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Saku537 drew , ,
30 July 03:55:15
Saku537 branched from ,
30 July 03:55:15
Blobofgoo: pyro is going to be in don't starve btw
30 July 03:54:05
wolfgirl456 commented on , , ,
30 July 03:53:37
braindixon drew ,
30 July 03:52:54
wolfgirl456: My least used classes are spy and heavy, only use heavy when im friendly
30 July 03:52:16
wolfgirl456: Unless its the perfect map for a sentry nest *points at 2fort*
30 July 03:51:45
Blobofgoo: no O-O I like being obscure
30 July 03:50:45
Pikalink5: Probably demo or engi. At least in my opinion. For new players start with pyro.
30 July 03:49:42
30 July 03:49:07
Blobofgoo: which class is least used in tf2?
30 July 03:48:57
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