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Hi, my name is Sam Drobes. I am 12 years old and I have Asperger's Syndrome. I sometimes get upset easily because of my conditions, so please do not be mean to me and say my piqs are bad because I'm different. Please appreciate me the way I am. I like Anime, Gaming, and Art.


29 Jul 2013
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you should play it, I rate it a tem our of tem ;^)
by zeldapickles, 19 January 2016 00:21
Oh lol. Never played undertale. Yall seem to love it though
by 8-bit adventurer, 18 January 2016 23:58
It is from a game called Undertale!
by zeldapickles, 18 January 2016 23:54
Is omega your own personal oc or is it from something?
by 8-bit adventurer, 18 January 2016 23:53
Can't wait to see the finished flowey! (everyone else)Do not judge a book by it's cover, you are amazing! You may not be like all of us, but I respect you, and your piqs are AWESOME!
by zeldapickles, 14 January 2016 21:34
hmm by presenting yourself with honesty and just letting it all out at once i grant you my sub
by TERRARIAN ARTIST , 11 January 2016 03:33
by Sam2003, 21 March 2014 21:51
thanks for subscribing
by FurryRaver4life, 21 March 2014 21:38
Oh and I also Love minecraft!
by MexiPeanut, 15 March 2014 20:09
Your piqs are really cool. I just read your profile. I dont know how anyone could say your piqs are dumb. Why, they are amazing!!
by MexiPeanut, 15 March 2014 20:08
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