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Here's my story... I was spoiled. My fam didn't care! We all loved each other so, so much... Who knew three deaths would have changed that all... First.. My granny had to go to the hospital (she was WAY overweight) because her lungs were collapsing. She was in for a year... Finally the day she came out, I was so happy to be able to see her again.. -.- The next day... She couldn't breath.. My grandpa didn't know what to do.. Thankfully, I wasn't there when it happened. That night, at 9:16 she had passed. Months later, my dad finally got out of jail. My poppa let him stay at our house for awhile. Before my poppa invited him to stay, he overheard this black dude and a white girl making a plan to do something really bad. My dad said, "Woah, woah, dude! I'm cool with it! I wont tell no one!" The black guy didn't believe him. Months after that, when my poppa invited him to stay, the black guy sent the girl to date my dad. My dad didn't remember her, so they actually went out. A week later, she drugged him in his sleep. The next morning, I went into his room, and I seen the girl packing, not knowing I was staring in the eyes of a monster. My daddy was usually the very first one awake. I asked her, "Why isn't daddy awake yet?" I was only six at the time.. how would I understand.. She said, "He'll be fine, swetty." Only to find out later, he was dead. I cried and cried.. I didn't know how to feel. He was always in jail, and I was about to say that he was never there for me. I still go to the same park I went to with him, and I remember him pushing me on the swings. i miss him so so much. Now here goes my mom, trying to get a new dad for me. She found one, but he is a jack ass. My daddy will always hold a special place in my heart. He taught me how to play the piano like this,he would play for me everyday. Everyday, I would take one of the songs and play it and say, "You played for me, Now it's my turn to play and sing for you." Years after he past, My poppa died of old age. Did I tell you how important he was to me? He would help me with everything. He'd do my homework for me sometimes! My life really sucks. I still love all of my fam members, even the ones I say I hate the most.
Everything will be okay in the end. If It's not okay, It's not the end. ~Ed Sheeran
You never really notice how much you love them when they fade away from you. (meaning when you 2 broke up) ~QxeenInsanity❤️‍
I love all my new friends on piq, they are always so nice to me! Shouts to allaya with No winter cloths and Cherry Hoes!


29 Jul 2015
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