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Bonjour I am Cody
-------------------------------------there once was a boy named Cody and when he wakes up... he goes back to sleep.


13 Jan 2017
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[this comment was deleted by marioziehm]
by marioziehm, 07 June 2017 23:01
by Peepies, 05 June 2017 16:13
and this is his dream

"So i was older and i went into this door way and met a bunch of people and i think it was a bar but i met this woman and i spent months with her and married her but i didn't look like me and we had children and when my children were were 9 and 12 i was walking threw the house and noticed a light/lamp thing and it bothered me for some reason it was different and soon i started getting obsessed with it just staring at it day and night my wife tried to talk to me but i didn’t respond she eventually left and took the children 3 years passed and i realized that the samp wasn't their any more it was just darkness and red then all i heard was a loud laughing noise followed by screaming by peopots and lots of people then i woke up and went back to sleep and dreamed about shrek"
by Peepies, 05 June 2017 16:10
so a fight happens my friend gets in the class i ask what he saw he says this

"Like i didn’t even register what was going down because i just woke up like 10 minutes ago because we were watching a movie with paul walker in it and i put my head down on my binder and i was holding my water bottle because i burnt the absolute shit out of my hand today with a wood burner on accident so i woke up the first time at 10:10 and i was awake and my eyes were still closed and i didn't hear anything so in my brain i was like ok gotta get out of bet and get dressed then i look up and i actually said what the fuck why am i here then i remembered oh fuck we were watching a movie and i went back to sleep still holding my bottle because it felt good on my hand and i woke up the 2nd time and was like fucking jet lagged or somethin’ and i looked up and it was like 2 minutes till’ the bell and i stand up and almost fucking eat shit on a table and i realize my hand felt a fuckton better i was like “yay” then i walk out and harambe was fighting his cousin in the hall and they wouldn’t let us thru/through and they were all like ( insert white soccer mom voice) no you guys need to stay right here so i look at this bitch and say fuck you fuck this i'm going around so i get to staircase and turn around the hall is clear and i'm all like ok then sergeant jackson is all like “TRAYLOR GET YOUR ASS IN A MOTHER FUCKING CLASS” and i'm still fucking sleep drunk like slurring my words and shit so I try to say okay but it comes out OAKTEAY WURKEN OWN eT and i walk in the class and you're all like wow dude did you see that fuckin shit and i'm like mabe and then i told you and now we are here PARADOX SHIT ANSWER MY QUESTIONS i may have entered a different dimension in mrs.jones class like i actually cried i lived a whole different life in my sleep i can only explain what"
by Peepies, 05 June 2017 16:02
i wanna ask what is going on
by Peepies, 04 June 2017 17:53
What's going on now something about and admin what's that
by marioziehm, 02 June 2017 21:26
[this comment was deleted by Peepies]
by Peepies, 02 June 2017 18:00
is that the Admin?
by Peepies, 02 June 2017 17:59
by TheIronworks, 02 June 2017 17:32
WHAT DO YOU MEAN!!!!!!!!!!
by lunageek520, 02 June 2017 17:06
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