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NAME: Barack Obama
AGE: Infinite divided by 0
I speak spanish :P So if you see any mistake in my awful english, please tell me.
More useless info:
▶ Real name: Brobama, Ledouche or idk
▶ Age: kdáspasdasf
▶ Birthday: 07/09/99 (07 is the month, i usually forget that :c)
▶ Interests: You of course ♡
▶ More Interests:
♦ Drawing : Yay i love drawing
♦ Videogames: My favorite genre is RPG.
Also some of my favorite game series are (Megaman, Pokimahn, The Elder Scrolls, Mortal Kombat and Final Fantasy)
♦ Music: I don't have any favorite band or artist but i usually listen to EDM, Chiptune, Rock or just Videogame Soundtracks.
▶ I'm a short person SLDAKASkD
▶ Bra size: 36B
▶ Favorite Quote: AGHGHAHKHASHDKLKAÑALÑ - Mahatma Ghandi (720p - 1080k)
*Insert photo of me here*


13 Jul 2012
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I’m sorry
i love you
please dont forget me
i won’t forget you
if you love me please wait for me
we will be ale to talk sometimes again
I’ve been told in need to mature first and gain my parents trust back before.
my parents spent hours trying to convince me you didnt love me and you where just using me but i dont believe them.
but I’m still scared you will forget about me.
my mother told me if you really do love me you will wait for me and when i can come back you will still be there for me and you will still love me even then.
please wait for me.
i know it will be hard
I’ve already cried my eyes out and gotten so upset I’ve thrown up.
you mean everything to me and its hard knowing we can’t talk or at least not for a while.
my parents are watching me.
I’ve been caught once trying to say goodbye to you.
they are not letting me call anyone or use the computer or anything when I’m alone. I’m done working with the woods for good and my loft bed is being taken down and I’m getting a normal bed so i have no where to hide.
my email password was changed.
i dont know what my dad said to you he told me he said that i lied but i haven’t lied to you :( he also told me that you asked not to take away all contact but he told me he thinks he would.
i hope he doesn’t.
if he does i will find a way to talk even if its just a tiny bit.
he told me that if you tired to contact me then you rant respecting them and it just makes it worse.
i still have the drawings from you and i won’t let them take them away.
the picture from you you gave me for christmas is still my back ground and i keep crying every time i see it.
i saved your letter thats on paper from you that you wrote on new years eve.
and I’ve read so much.
i keep reminding ym self we will talk again and that it won’t end like this.
I won’t let it.
you are way to special to me.
if I’m worth it and you love me please wait for me if I’m not then tell me now its hard to wait and i can’t imagine how upset id be and just idk if i waited and someday we could talk again and you didn’t want me or didn’t like me.
cuz i can’t not love you and i will ways love you.
i want to hug you so tight and hold on “*hugs*” just isn’t enough right now.
i love you more then anything.
i know what we did with the pictures we shouldn’t have and it was a lot just lust but we do love each other i won’t listen to my parents when they tell me you used me i belvie you love me and I’m holding on to that. that you love me enough to wait for me.
i will check one more time to see if you respond and i may send something back but i can’t do anymore i can’t risk getting caught.
this is my goodbye for now
(ill be writing a letter to you every day on paper sense i can’t do anything else
and i will think about you and cuddle you every night
untell we can talk again
i love you emanuel
by LordVoldemort, 27 January 2015 15:00
Because potato
by Lelouch-Lamperouge, 25 January 2015 08:39
as a tag that is
by LordVoldemort, 25 January 2015 03:05
if you look up potato almost all of its your piqs XD
by LordVoldemort, 25 January 2015 03:04
ahhhh thank you for the subbbbb
by AnimeAb, 22 December 2014 23:41
by LordVoldemort, 16 December 2014 23:00
Thanks for subscribing :D
by IvoryMalinov, 14 December 2014 17:34
XDD Who knows
by Lelouch-Lamperouge, 13 December 2014 23:00
I don't doubt it was a good game. It was more the fact that I couldn't tell if the thing on the back was a troll or a three eyed sasquach
by RetroDemon, 13 December 2014 22:53
Whai ;A;
It's pretty good
by Lelouch-Lamperouge, 12 December 2014 21:26
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