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I am a fourteen year old female. I enjoy drawing and writing.. I'm shy, so the likeliness of me approaching you first is slim, I apologize. Or.. if that's fine with you then..?? I dunno. I confuse myself a lot. :) WARNING: I am an otaku and a fujoshi.
Oh also, I love Youtube (HNNNNNNNNNG danisnotonfire and amazingphil.) KAY if you wanna say anything to me my shout thing is below here. ily all bye
hnnnnnnngalso. since i never actually know what to draw, if you had any requests i would be happy to fulfill them *since i have absolutely no life* kaaay <3 <3


11 Feb 2014
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Thank you for the sub!
by Xearta, 28 February 2014 23:31
Thanks for Subbing!
by EPICBASS158, 18 February 2014 03:00
Thx for subscribing! <3
by katsuma2010, 17 February 2014 19:27
Thank you for subscribing!
by jazzyartist, 17 February 2014 15:17
idk why but it sometimes glitches
by PikachuJT630, 12 February 2014 05:08
Well I already did, im just trying to figure it out
by KyokoClam, 12 February 2014 02:37
you should activate your account on your email.
i dont know if this is true or not but if you dont activate your account then you might not be able to sign in.
by PikachuJT630, 12 February 2014 02:36
No prob ^-^
by PikachuJT630, 12 February 2014 00:30
otakus unite :D
by creeperslayer098, 11 February 2014 22:58
[this comment was deleted]
by KyokoClam, 11 February 2014 22:47
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