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Give me your suggestions!
If you want to branch anything, let me know!
I've recently just passed my 1000th piq!
Be on the look out for my new website/thing coming soon!
Ok the website things isnt going to happen for a while cause college takes up most of my time these days.


11 Jan 2015
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ur welcome ;)
by BIRDIENugget, 14 November 2017 02:08
Ha thanks BIRDIENugget for the sub and shout!
by Kidkinobi, 13 November 2017 16:36
u have so many charachters i could legit make an army with them
by BIRDIENugget, 12 November 2017 19:07
Ill try doing DBZ characters, but the hair is so damn frustrating
by Kidkinobi, 29 August 2017 04:02
Please please please KidKinobi make some dragon Ball Z sprites there are many many fans of the shows and it'll keep you busy for a while
by Robertflynch, 16 August 2017 21:56

well, nice job, you have a lot of creativity and I can see that in all of you piqs-- it takes talent to take the same ordinary base and make it look unique in so many ways!

congrats :D
by BananaExtract, 11 August 2017 04:14
Its been a wild ride, bananaextract!
by Kidkinobi, 11 August 2017 03:54
almost at your 1,000th piq! :DD
by BananaExtract, 11 August 2017 03:53
Thanks for the sub KIDKINOBI. Just to let you know you inspired me to do pixel art. :)
by Marvelbeast, 07 July 2017 23:26
Thanks for the sub!
by 8-bit adventurer, 19 January 2017 22:43
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