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Yeah, So this is my lovely Biography. I'm a cheery 16 yr old guy who loves to draw a lot. With that being said I mostly draw all sorts of things, excluding barely anything. I Don't really like drawing 'Certain Things' (If you catch my drift) It just doesn't sit right with me >.<' I'm mostly a very humble person and am not narcissistic at all <.<


29 Sep 2015
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Oh I love it! I know I'm super late replying, but sometimes my shoutbox just slips my mind .-. thank you though Guardian
by IntegrityAtItsFinest788, 24 September 2016 03:56
How do you like your sub?!?
by Pixel Guardian, 15 September 2016 17:07
Well. That I guess... is the 8th wonder... :3 lol
by rosefirefly, 04 September 2016 04:15
Why do I feel like you totally deserve that shirt?
by _Xyzzy_, 04 September 2016 04:11
Nvm ;-;
( is it just in my head or have I been going down and been getting ignored a lot more recently here )
by rosefirefly, 04 September 2016 04:10
by _Xyzzy_, 04 September 2016 04:07
Lol thx. But I have received an answer from jam and integrity doesn't need to be bothered with my peasantness ( cuz he's better than me at drawing so he ranks higher )
by rosefirefly, 04 September 2016 04:06
read this commenttttt below

by _Xyzzy_, 04 September 2016 02:46
This will be sent to people I think are great at art.
I need your help.
A guy I really like has his bday Sept 27. He loves nightmare before christmas..
If you could draw me, even if simple, a nbc picture that I can buy fir a t-shirt
I'd be deeply thankful. I'd do anything. But you don't have to help, I just want to surprise him
by rosefirefly, 03 September 2016 03:31
I do, but I'd like to keep my other stuff and this site separate. Thank you for asking though Pun!
by IntegrityAtItsFinest788, 02 September 2016 03:33
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