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This is a club for all furries on piq! This is an accepting group so there's no hate what so ever! Everyone is allowed, gays, queers, trans, aliens, males, females, anthros, ferals, taurs/chacats, mawtails, shapeshifters, squeakers, suiters, etc. just as long as your a furry (scalies and bronies are allowed too!!!). I hope all humans will respect this <:) and please, if you hate furries/scalies or whatever just keep to yourself and go to another page.
Current members:
-FurryRaver4life (Administrator)
Fursona(s)/OC: Vulpes vulpes (Red fox)
name- Luka Fawx
eyes- left neon light blue right is neon green
special markings?: A treble bass clef heart on my left hip/thigh (where a cutie mark would be)
If you would like to join please let the admin know and she will send you the pass on a random one of your piqs.
Rules for piq's:
-It must be furry/scalie/brony related. (ferals are okay)
-please put your main accounts name at the bottom of the info.
Rules for comments/account:
-NEVER give out the password to ANYONE even if they are one of us.
-NEVER change the password for this account. If there is a need too or people are abusing this account please let the admin know and she will resend out the password.
-NEVER abuse the comments and ALWAYS sign with either your fursona(s)name or your main account
-Please don't change the icon <:) if you would like to change it please let me know.
What is a furry/scalie?
A furry is someone who likes anthropomorphic animals. (half animal half human or animal with human characteristics[visa versa]) Some examples of furries are
-bugs bunny
-bearstien bears (sorry if I spelt that wrong)
If you have any questions/comments please let us know and we will help!


31 Aug 2013
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XD i saw furry and i was like hm maybe that's heaven lolol
by Bunnies Foreva, 31 August 2013 04:55
XD again. not new lol
by FurriesUnite, 31 August 2013 04:27
Welcome to piq!
by IvoryMalinov, 31 August 2013 04:25
idk... maybe because it said furry and you thought of me? X3
by FurryRaver4life, 31 August 2013 03:36
thought so lol why you think i only said that to you?
by Bunnies Foreva, 31 August 2013 03:33
surprised you didn't get that lol
by FurriesUnite, 31 August 2013 03:10
Ruth, Its me Heaven XD
by FurryRaver4life, 31 August 2013 03:09
by Bunnies Foreva, 31 August 2013 03:09
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