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Hi ya guys. I have been on piq before but I forgotten both my username AND my password T^T
So this is my account that I will never forget (cuz I've written it down somewhere) after nearly 2 years of randomness, I decided it was time to do some art! yay!
I need requests please cuz I'm bored of school work, anything is fine :)************************************
I'll tell a bit about myself:
*I like anime and drawing anime/manga
*I don't like sweet things (now everyone hates me, right?)
*I'm always bored...
*I love sleeping even though I hardly sleep at all...
*I am younger than you think I am...


12 Jan 2017
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hello guys, sorry for not being there but I kinda drifted out and...but yeah, i'll start getting more active during the Easter holidays. I kinda abandoned the requests that I got 2-3 months ago...BUT THAT DOES NOT MEANT THAT I WONT DO IT-I'LL DEFINATELY DO THEM-PINKY PROMISE! and also, yes, I will draw more dragons since I can take a brake form school now for 2 weeks (woo!) i'll see you guys sometime later today :D
by FireBlade, 07 April 2017 12:45
could you do more dragons?
by ahayden, 17 March 2017 14:54
np mate :)
by FireBlade, 07 February 2017 16:05
by UN1Q3, 07 February 2017 02:39
no problem :)
by FireBlade, 05 February 2017 20:15
Thank you for subscribing
by 8-bit adventurer, 05 February 2017 19:15
haha lol
such a coincidence XD
by FireBlade, 01 February 2017 18:22
Just found out something cool, subtract your age by 5 and then add 5 to your age, and then look at the day Fireblade joined piq (12 lol)
by Sadflame, 01 February 2017 02:50
looks so cool...I like it -_^
by FireBlade, 31 January 2017 17:30
I kinda just updated my Sea Serpent AGAIN
by also..., 31 January 2017 16:18
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