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Hello! I am a young female aspiring to be an artist, since its what im good at. I also really like getting praised. I am an Otaku, a Pegasister, a Potterhead, a Hetalian, a Sherlockian, a Divergent,a Tribute,a Furry, and a Whovian.WARNING: im a bit weird
Likes: Dogs,wolves, Wifi, Cake, Fairy Tail, Benedict Cumberpatch's face,Ouran Highschool Host Club, HArry Potter, Divergent, Hunger Games,Doctor Who, Sherlock, MLP, Hetalia, Legend Of Zelda, Mario Kart, Sonic The Hedgehog, Pokemon, and Classic rock.
Dislikes: Most People,Trolls, Haters, eggplant, sexual sunday,Justin Beiber, Rap music, and my Ex-Boyfriend (dont ask, he started it)
Trivia About me: I am dedicated to what i like, if you verbally hate on it i will hunt you down.
I do not make friends easily. actually i end up insulting most people i meet.
i am fully facniated by animals and nature, but i spend most of my time indoors (its snake season and there are rattlesnakes where i live.
i am absolutely terrified of thunder.and spiders for that matter.
Princess Luna is best pony.
Vinyl Scratch is second
i have a google plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/116441424921159886946/posts
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25 Jun 2014
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