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I am Daniel. I am not an artist. I am a pixel artist. And Admin.


07 Sep 2010
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he selected them a while ago and has them set up so they will show up by them selves.
by LordVoldemort, 11 October 2014 17:10
Automatic, like, they are random? Or pre-selected.
by Jankovic123, 11 October 2014 17:08
He WAS back. Now he's gone. The contests are automatic. He doesn't change them.
by Pikalink5, 11 October 2014 16:54
Sorry, I did not mean updates, I meant contest. Furry told me (and others) that he was back.
by Jankovic123, 11 October 2014 14:53
There haven't been any updates.
by Pikalink5, 11 October 2014 14:51
Oh, really, I thought he was the guy making the updates!
by Jankovic123, 11 October 2014 14:49
He's not back.
by Pikalink5, 11 October 2014 14:44
Hey, daniel since your back, it would be nice if you talked to some of your fellow piquers!
by Jankovic123, 11 October 2014 14:33
hello Daniel

on here has had her account for a while and she has made very good art but now her account will not let her in. it is saying that her password and useername do not match and she is also not able to comment(so i am for her) do you know if there is a way to fix it or if there is anything you are able to do about could you let me know so that she doesnt have to make a new account and start all over again.

i do not think she is able to change her password either.

if you could help that would be very nice.
by LordVoldemort, 02 July 2014 01:27
This is the admin your talking to Madpanda
by Pikalink5, 03 June 2014 15:38
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