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Hello piq users who happen to stumble across this account

I am Dan, a cringy boy who happens to make art here.

I started out as a true noob, as you can see in my first piq, and since then my art evolved a lot

But it is still bad. And that is fine
Life is full of needed improvements

Such as how you act with people, personal changes. And a change of words

If you have come here for the art. Good for you

But I'm not very great. And this site, even after it's "reboot" nothing has changed at all. Our numbers have been dropping and a storm of hate among some users have brought so many to leave just because of what one says, saying they have no variety, they do not take criticism, and they never improve. Yet they have only their words to bring them along.

The bully

But who cares about em? People like that are everywhere! And good will always overpower the bad.

As I have used to say in the past, may the elements be in your favor.

I'm changing it.

"May your heart and soul remain balanced, and have hope for the future"


26 May 2015
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by CandyPopKid, 25 March 2017 01:20
Thanks for the subscription
by Chris_Doyle, 21 March 2017 20:56
Thnx for teh sub :)
by 10Ggames, 21 March 2017 20:45
It's fine. Seems like it's coming along good (Lenny)
by DanTreeBow, 21 March 2017 00:39
Eeeek, Dan, im sorry about not getting to you in the fanfic. Just some updates on it. It is happening, slowly, but surely.

Some edits:
Yes there is nsfw things in there, before is wasnt sure

And for the exceptions of Minegamer and Jamkitty, I have made everyone at least the age of 18, for reasons...lol
by LudicrousCookie, 21 March 2017 00:05
Hey Dan, I have an idea/challenge/collab thing. We can talk in my shout box if you're interested.
by EpicGamer_, 09 March 2017 23:35
thank you for subscribing
by a cat in a sweater, 08 February 2017 01:57
Feel free to join the piq discord,the link is in my bio
by ahayden, 03 February 2017 00:40
Describing the creation of a sandwich from its view
by DanTreeBow, 02 February 2017 00:52
"i am a sandwich".....wtf
by ahayden, 02 February 2017 00:49
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