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°Д° ◕‿◕ °Д° ◕‿◕ °Д°
Hi my real name Chris Doyle I'm 19 and I'm the accomplice of DARKLORD .http://piq.codeus.net/u/darklord BWAHAHAHaha, no, but seriously He's my bro IRL go check his stuff out don't be afraid to like it ;)... But don't forget to like my stuff too O.o
Favourite things: My beautiful girlfriend Larissa, Mine since April 25th 2014 <3 , my bro Levi (Darklord) my dog **1/2 Rottweiler 1/2 German Sheppard** named Rex, playing Counter Strike, League Of Legends, H1Z1 and literally any bethesda game. I like bmx riding, specifically vert, Which is just riding up tall walls and over large box jumps. I also like downhill long boarding although I live in Winnipeg *Nearly the flattest place on earth* so usually its just parking garages.
About me I'm 6 foot 0 inches tall, Dark brown hair that slicks back underneath what seems to have been the same hat for years but I promise its not. I was born in Vancouver B.C. and currently live in Manitoba Canada with my Mother and Step father and I spend my time drawing, piqing *Haven't been able to in a long time* and spending every second I can with my lovely girlfriend Larissa as I have mentioned before. Totally off topic but I also like turtles, Waffles, pickles and duckies ^O^
If there are any other questions you have for me, just ask. If you would like me to draw you a piq of some sort just let me know and I will try to the best of my ability, And with that said stay awesome br- thats probably copy righted, umm... and I will see all you dudes IN THE NEXT VID- this isn't a video..... I suck at outros. hrmm I dunno what to say "Just say anything ur time is almost up" umm.. shit.. uhh.. have a good d... *beeeeeeeeeep*


13 Jun 2013
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thank you :3
by Chris_Doyle, 20 January 2015 18:17
Nice art!
by pixelartist98, 19 January 2015 02:55
Correction, I am, *Un* Dead
by Chris_Doyle, 21 October 2014 18:23
by LordVoldemort, 21 October 2014 15:08
I'm back bruhhhhhhh
by Chris_Doyle, 21 October 2014 14:55
by LordVoldemort, 20 October 2014 20:15

....bruh ?
by dicklord, 20 October 2014 20:12
most my likes are from my friends from school :p lol But yeah my art is alright i guess :p
by Chris_Doyle, 11 October 2014 05:06
nah lots of people pay attention to you you jsut dont notice it XP
your arts really good too :)

and this majestic hug thanks you :)
by LordVoldemort, 11 October 2014 04:54
and ive actually named it ... simply "hug"
by LordVoldemort, 11 October 2014 04:35
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