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I'm Conlan. 21 years old. gonna let my art speak for itself.


08 Jan 2015
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Hey, you there? I really need someone right now. I'm...Idk....
by dafunkyemo, 10 April 2016 03:45
Ah, man that sucks. I had wanted him to be the mentor of Lykan like we had said a while back.

Its cool though.
by dafunkyemo, 30 March 2016 03:40
hmm. probably not at this point. ive made a ton of changes to him and was actually thinking of doing a graphic novel myself. thanks though:)
by Cavetusk94, 30 March 2016 00:19
So, I was making a comic for Lykan. I finally decided that I should put my thoughts into art.

My question is, you still want Tusk in it?
by dafunkyemo, 29 March 2016 15:49
by Cavetusk94, 29 March 2016 04:10
Hey Conlan. Long time no see.

Do you mind if I ask ou a question?
by dafunkyemo, 29 March 2016 02:42
so have you thought about my request yet.
I am also willing to accept tattoo ideas, but please no spiders. Thank you for your time and thanks for yout consideration.
by Lynabelle, 14 March 2016 00:51
by Lynabelle, 05 February 2016 02:10
you mean like google chrome?
by Cavetusk94, 31 January 2016 19:21
Look up Lyn Abrahamson to find it.
by Lynabelle, 31 January 2016 19:02
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