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Uhh, I'm random, and I have a weird sense of humor. I love dubstep. I like dragons, things with wings, and weirdness, so that's probably what most of my piqs are going to be about. You can see that from my piqs obviously. I come on here when I have a lot of time. And when I don't. It's a bit of an addiction for me.
Also, the first 9 or so piqs that I liked that say they were made by 'someone', those were done by me before I got an account.
Also also, if you would like for me to draw something, I might consider drawing it. Just post it in ma shoutbox there. But not now.
Also also also, I use a good deal of Internet pictures to refer from, and I may not cite all of them :O. Which is bad probably, but this is just a heads up. So yeah.
~Anime Guy for Quinoas
~Anime Guy for Kean366:http://api.ning.com/files/DZbyjkcYiNIp0gL*6PaIzW1KD31SLTuouaIIs9aG*YUOsMHUFJ5vT7JtZX4OWAXF7ELUqCSg4MqDRhCEew0DAdYFknMimKhg/anime_boy1.jpg
~Unique Style Portrait for girraffe74
~Any others I missed?
~And maybe this weird link I found:http://imgur.com/heb7NNG.jpg I still have no idea what to do with it. It's been, like, bothering me lol @-@
And, FTW... http://webchat.esper.net/?channels=#piq
I'm finally back *oh yeah* and so I'm going to work on some of the LONG due requests I have, and some of the many WIPs I have too.
I will not be taking any more requests until I have finished the current ones :3


24 Aug 2012
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love ur art gurl! :3 and i have seriously never have said that to anyone else.....savor the moment!
by gummibearzrule, 31 December 2013 00:43
Thanks! ^^
by BlueJay3, 11 August 2013 14:18
wow you got some awesome artwork.
you earned a new subby!! :P
by DeeCreative, 11 August 2013 13:21
Standing in the hall of fame And the worlds gonna know your name cause you burn with the brightest flame and the worlds gonna know your name and you’ll be on the walls of the hall of fame
by Kean366, 26 March 2013 01:05
by Kean366, 25 March 2013 23:31
Sub to me though
by Kean366, 25 March 2013 18:31
Can u sub me?
by Quinoas, 25 March 2013 17:35
by Kean366, 24 March 2013 18:19
Dubstep, techno, jumpstyle, mainly that i think :>
by BlueJay3, 23 March 2013 16:53
hey i gotta question- what genre of music u like
by crazytunes, 23 March 2013 16:43
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