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I am one of the moderators of piq. If you need help with something technical or verbal, please feel free to notify me.
Member of:
-Pokemon DB
-Pokemon Showdown
-Piq :D
Contact Info:
Email: Blobofgoo777@gmail.com
Google+: Jack Rorie (Blobofgoo)
Favorite Games:
-LoZ: Oracle of Seasons
-LoZ: ALttP
-LoZ: Minish Cap
-Metroid 1, 2, 3, and fusion
-Pokemon Franchise
-Lots and lots more (Nintendo)
Axid Colors:
R 153
G 102
B 170
R 002
G 176
B 119
R 255
G 255
B 255
R 170
G 170
B 170
-Axid is a Naja Ashei. (Type of spitting cobra)
-Animalia Chordata Sauropsida Squamata Serpentes Elapidae Naja N. ashei
-Axid also uses self-developed poisons that he collectively calls Axotoxins.
-=Axid Stuff=-
Full Name: Axid Cobravin
Special Abilities: Able to use developed toxins as venom.
Bio: (blank)
Likes: (blank)
Dislikes: (blank)
Current Toxin: Lucotoxin - Alters optic nerve functionality. Vision rapidly switches off and on. This creates a strobe effect that disorients both prey and predator.
-=Developed Toxins=-
WIP MUSIC: http://onlinesequencer.net/144190 http://onlinesequencer.net/144584


05 Nov 2013
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thanks for the sub, pal
by Shiro, 04 January 2017 20:39
Hello can you support the piq Reddit? In recent times, piq has become a harder medium to communicate on. Many accounts have abandoned the website because of this. Using the piq.codeus Reddit could counteract these effects and even help the site grow! If you care about piq and are willing to our cause, please join the piq Reddit.
by XSupportPiqReddit, 09 August 2016 18:12
*glomps you and licks your nose*
haven't drawn anything on here in a while o3o
by AnimeAb, 22 February 2016 23:50
you went back to noteflight?
by Blobofgoo, 02 November 2015 16:10
Nuuuu. You're not supposed to look there xD

That's just wips and it's bad xD

Thanks though. Means a lot. I haven't gotten an update of your stuff in a while -winks-
by Blobofgoo, 02 November 2015 01:22
I love that little piano solo you posted in your profile. Very haunting and beautiful, I must say.
by pixelartist98, 01 November 2015 17:08
APUSH, indeed. It's horrid.
by Pesto , 27 October 2015 22:58
Thank you so much for subscribing to me! :D
by AwesomesauseLion, 26 October 2015 00:21
The way it's affecting me is it has gotten so large in a small amount of time, it won't fit completely on the screen and keeps covering up everything else.
by carlucci987, 20 October 2015 20:08
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