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I'm a person who does things.

Please don't be afraid to comment on my piqs, I don't bite! I will not improve if people don't tell me when I have done something crappy.
Don't be scared if you see me drawing things in different styles. This is normal, I promise.

Visit me on DeviantArt!

Feel free to make a request on my shoutbox or any of my piqs. I'll get to it eventually.


11 Nov 2012
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Sure! C:
by AwesomesauseLion, 14 February 2016 01:22
okay could you draw timmy turner plz :3
by digitaldash, 14 February 2016 01:07
Sounds like fun! Sure! :)
by AwesomesauseLion, 14 February 2016 00:51
um can you make a ship for her
she's one of my ocs and I'm holding a contest for it, winner gets to be in her origin story (making a book)
by FTW_5000, 13 February 2016 04:07
Go for it! C:
by AwesomesauseLion, 13 February 2016 02:08
umm could i request :3
by digitaldash, 12 February 2016 15:36
Sure! C:
by AwesomesauseLion, 11 February 2016 14:24
M80, can you draw moi plz?
by RE4P Wolf, 10 February 2016 21:17
No problem! C:
by AwesomesauseLion, 03 February 2016 12:41
Thank you so much for subscribing~! ;; u ;; <3
by Kairi Lon, 03 February 2016 00:05
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Hilbo: This feed needs some positivity lol, here you go, *The sound of a 1000 kittens playing*
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