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Animated Monster

Sup' bro/dude, my name
Animated Monster, and welcome to my CRIB!
I have art from far and wide from fan-art, to tribute art, to(SOMTHING ORIGINAL?).-.! I also do other things like request? 0-0 who knows?
I love n' dear all of you my homeslice breadslice's and you betta' be prepared for when I make art of anything, especially YouTube Games (cause' I luv dem peps)!
I hope you dudes read this and see all of the chill, cool, and different art, n' posts I will make foe' yo' FACES.
P.S. Cool you read the end of the description, or skipped through it gud 4 u! Bia!

So I hope you don't forget me...


25 May 2016
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by Animated Monster, 28 July 2016 22:53
hey can u draw my oc pastel (when u hav the time)?http://piq.codeus.net/static/media/userpics/piq_388202_400x400.png
p.s. i love ur art :3
by randompiqsarecool, 28 July 2016 21:44
Sure thing I'll get on it!
by Animated Monster, 17 July 2016 02:01
Hey, if you don't mind, I'd like to ask if you could do my OC as well (Most amazing name ever btw) Fox Parns

I also really like your work, some of the best (To me at least)
by sams34, 17 July 2016 00:27
thank YOU!
by Animated Monster, 16 July 2016 04:13
been lookin' at some of your stuff, and i gotta say, its great!
by PunCake, 16 July 2016 04:11
by Animated Monster, 16 July 2016 03:19
If your still doing requests, could you draw my OC Blue Butler? Here's what he looks like:http://piq.codeus.net/static/media/userpics/piq_377086_400x400.png
by Christine The Pixel, 15 July 2016 04:02
by reddevil, 14 July 2016 08:54
Sure just link a picture of it.
by Animated Monster, 13 July 2016 23:57
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