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The reason being fnaf 4 was released not so long ago on steam...YAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAY...geez im weird lol
Hey im Adri. Feel free to call me
"A" or just adri. I dont really care but i have alot of things i like... so let me state them.
I love:
Anime X1000000000000000000000
Drawing.. dah
And i love dumplings..alot
FNAF all of em. Caint wait for #4
I also like minecraft...
Things I Hate:
MLP (dont hate plz lol)
The clolor pink (unless breast cancer awareness)
People who think there better then evryone
Strawberry icecream...
Cake Frosting... dont judge lol
More About me:
Gender: Girl
Age: 12
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Status: Single.. and always will be
Im pretty chill... i think
Top 10 Favo Animes:
-1: Sword Art Online
-2: Full metal alchemist+ Bro Hood
-3: Higurashi
-4: Clannad ( And after story )
-5: The familiar of zero
-6: DBZ (all of them)
-7: Attack On Titan
-8: Toradora!
-9: Pokemon
-10: Steins Gate
Also there is one more thing... even if i get or dont get popular at all... if you sub to me... i will DEFINITALY sub to u. No matter your, age, looks, art style. I will sub to you
= >///w///<
How to find me...
Kik: Adri_362 or Bored Always
thats pretty much it lol.
Anywho u can also find me on a Minecraft PE server...
IP: sg19.lbsg.net
Bye! >///w///<


17 Jul 2015
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:) Ur welcom
by Adri_2468, 24 July 2015 15:16
Thanks for the sub :)
by Gruszyczka13, 24 July 2015 14:37
No problem >w<
by Adri_2468, 24 July 2015 12:09
Thanks for the sub!
by TMman1, 23 July 2015 03:39
Thanks for the sub ;///;
by AnimeAb, 21 July 2015 21:12
ur welcom... >w<
by Adri_2468, 21 July 2015 01:18
Thanks for stridin'.
by dafunkyemo, 20 July 2015 22:53
no problem :)
by Adri_2468, 20 July 2015 21:06
Thanks for being my 3rd subscriber. C:
by aros04, 20 July 2015 21:04
by Adri_2468, 20 July 2015 18:43
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