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My name is quillan bell im a adventure time fan soon im getting the the adventure enchidirion and adventuretime encyclopedia.in reality im a gamer a metal lover(heavy metal music) not a metalhead.and i love dubstep i play electric guitar im great at doing tricks on scooters.My enemies consider me a NERD,but in idc its cool to be a nerd to me i love be smart instead of stupid.my goal is when im older i will make games that no one has thought of and a game system that you will go wild for P.S. i will not tell the names of the system name ill save for a susprise for when i make it and if game systems will be gone in the future ill bring it back.My favorite bands are
skrillex,qemist,deadmau5,behemoth,-Emmure,wretched,whitechapel,and heaven shall burn.


07 Aug 2013
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I´m glad you like my stuff :D
by pixelartist98, 02 February 2014 17:58
just watched thor the dark world
by 8bit_goochi_like_sushi, 01 February 2014 01:13
Thanks for subbing :D
by pixelartist98, 31 January 2014 23:13
thanks for the sub :3
by emeraldsword11, 21 January 2014 20:14
8-Bit it me dead-pool anywho wanna collab somethin?
by DEAD-PIXEL, 07 September 2013 03:23
8bit your name is uber catchy I have said it non-stop all day, and sometimes withot even knowing it!
by DEAD-pool, 04 September 2013 05:15
Thanks for the subscribe 8bit! :3
by thesunrisemassacre, 29 August 2013 23:40
srry peeps ive been off a while a while using qubicle it a voxel a maker 3 oohh yall should try it
if you cant then try qblock
by 8bit_goochi_like_sushi, 16 August 2013 15:42
And, no Goochi two people cannot draw together (I think they should add that).
by xXMegamanXx, 09 August 2013 22:35
Yes, Goochi I can make Zero.
by xXMegamanXx, 09 August 2013 22:34
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