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Welcome to my profile!
Here is the place where you will find my drawings.
Deviant Art- http://xyzzulous.deviantart.com
I have no idea what to post on there

Favorite Television Shows (In order): Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Wander Over Yonder (Tying with) Gregory Horror Show

Favorite Video Games: BO3, Nintendo(Kirby, Mario, The Legendary Starfy)


06 Feb 2016
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[this comment was deleted by Ethan Hoff]
by Ethan Hoff, 22 November 2016 22:59
I doubt anyone cares about the fact that you go to others' pages just to rant about them.

If piq were dead you would not come back, Hoff
by DanTreeBow, 21 November 2016 01:14
[this comment was deleted by Ethan Hoff]
by Ethan Hoff, 21 November 2016 00:55
Sorry, but this user lost his account.. It was terminated
by DanTreeBow, 09 August 2016 18:11
Hello can you support the piq Reddit? In recent times, piq has become a harder medium to communicate on. Many accounts have abandoned the website because of this. Using the piq.codeus Reddit could counteract these effects and even help the site grow! If you care about piq and are willing to our cause, please join the piq Reddit.
by XSupportPiqReddit, 09 August 2016 18:08
?!?!? Terminated? BY whom? the only people who have the power to terminate are the admins...
by zeldapickles, 09 August 2016 00:01
I have heard that xyzzy's account has been terminated.. He sent me messages on steam and now he is permanently a guest, as he told me
by DanTreeBow, 04 August 2016 18:16
by DanTreeBow, 03 August 2016 19:37
by -Xyzzy-, 03 August 2016 02:49
by DanTreeBow, 03 August 2016 02:48
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Lemmino Pixel: it sounds like mormons
20 March 13:16:11
lizabella2: im 13 c'monnnnn
20 March 13:14:53
lizabella2: pg13 ;-;;
20 March 13:14:36
lizabella2: pg13 ;-;;
20 March 13:14:34
lizabella2: lmao I needa sign a paper to watch a PG13 movie in my class because it's
20 March 13:14:25
lizabella2: I know I am lmao
20 March 13:06:30
20 March 13:06:21
lizabella2: I bet they will eventually, be patient
20 March 13:06:11
Pandacake: lizabella2: "O o f chill out" Liz... wtf your awesome
20 March 13:06:04
Lemmino Pixel: I love this site, I have proven many times over, all I said is that the creators won't come back.
20 March 13:04:32
20 March 13:03:59
lizabella2: If you dont like the site just leave, easy
20 March 13:03:42
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