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在piq,全世界的使用者每秒鐘產生 17.20333 像素來創造像素畫(Pixel Art)
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  • …更多。

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what's going on now
22 October 08:44:20
someone 画过 ,
22 October 08:34:32
22 October 08:23:14
22 October 08:07:51
PiqItUp 画过
22 October 08:00:38
Grogramn: As said, the coding is shit and Daniel (admin) often updates the site to no avail.
22 October 07:56:58
DisasterStorm: well the piqs being drawn come up, well some
22 October 07:54:18
22 October 07:53:03
Grogramn: The sites coding is shit. Everyones trophies also disappeared.
22 October 07:48:43
DisasterStorm: whats happend! piq is frozen, nothing changed in the past 30 minutes!!!
22 October 07:45:35
22 October 07:38:47
Two Bell Hat Productions branched from , ,
22 October 07:38:47
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