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what's going on now
-Xyzzy-: Six subs free yes, and six sub levels, congrats your the second in command of the SSS
07 February 21:52:57
07 February 21:52:34
07 February 21:52:15
PikachuJT630: Im on my phone duh
07 February 21:51:47
DudeManGuy001: why not?
07 February 21:51:38
Party Poison 15: Xyzzy, i bought 60 subs, does that mean i get 6 free.
07 February 21:51:34
07 February 21:51:17
PikachuJT630: I cant save my piq ;-;
07 February 21:51:02
07 February 21:50:41
PikachuJT630: I cant save my piq ;-;
07 February 21:50:40
Party Poison 15: then how are you on piq then....
07 February 21:50:37
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